Leadership Survey

The Cru Leadership Survey is now available to fill out here. If you have any desire to be involved in a more significant way with the ministry of Cru, please fill out this form by March 19th and someone will contact you.  Please note there are many levels of leadership and serving opportunities for next […]


The root has 3 purposes, to hold the plant upright through all conditions, to collect water, and to store nutrients. Our walk needs the same things. To stay standing through the hard times, to have direction through the confusing times, and to stay alive during the dry times. We need nothing more than to be […]

It begins!

New year. New semester. New classes. New professors. For some maybe new roommates, or new college, new job, or any of numerous new events. Its probably a pretty crazy time of year right now. Maybe you’re looking for a new start. Come check out Cru this Thursday at 8pm in the Voyageurs Room on the […]

Halloween Partay!

The Lighthouse 1020 14th Ave South 7pm Oct. 31 Bring some snacks (males bring da salty, women bring da sweets) Bring your friends to! Wear a costume and prizes are awarded for the best 2 costumes! If you need a ride, post something here and we’ll get you there!

TCX Registration Open

  Need I say more? If I do, TCX is the winter conference with Cru in the Upper Midwest Region. Think 1500ish students coming together to worship, hear great speakers, and serve the community together. If you don’t believe me, ask ANYONE that went. I promise, awesome.   Register here: gotcx.com/register